Are you an athlete who wants to deal with fewer injuries? Or a coach who wants to have healthy athletes and win more games? If you answered “yes” then you’re in the right spot.

Are you an athlete who wants to deal with fewer injuries?
Or a coach who wants to have healthy athletes and win more games?
If you answered “yes” then you’re in the right spot.

Sarah Howard

Sarah is a performance recovery, down-regulation and mobility specialist. She is also the founder of Elite Mobility Training.

Sarah’s work is used by professional athletes in the MLB, NFL and NHL. Hundreds of middle school, high school and college athletes also use her program.

Athletes are taught how to get bigger, stronger and faster. They are not taught how to take care of their body, how to heal and how to better prepare for the next day.

As a former college athlete, Sarah has firsthand knowledge of how training, stress and travel can wreck havoc on an athlete's body and mind. The disappointment and emotional toil felt when dealing with an injury is awful.

She is passionate about helping athletes continue to do what they love for as long as possible.

Sarah is quoted in the LA Times for her work with Tyler Skaggs and St. Louis Cardinals Baseball magazine for her work with Jack Flaherty. She is featured in a chapter in The Science of Baseball and has also been a guest on the ABCA Podcast and Play Ball Kid podcast.

Injury Prevention ● Performance Recovery ● Performance Enhancement

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Current and Past Clients

Eastern Kentucky Univ Baseball Team
Eastern Kentucky Univ Softball Team
Austin Pope, Arizona Diamondbacks
Tucker Davidson, Los Angeles Angels
Tarik Skubal, Detroit Tigers
Taylor Dollard, Seattle Mariners
Jack Flaherty, St. Louis Cardinals
Mitch Keller, Pittsburgh Pirates
Max Kranick, Pittsburgh Pirates
Spencer Turnbull, Detroit Tigers
Jack Leiter, Texas Rangers
Tyler Skaggs, Los Angeles Angels
Rasheem Green, Houston Texans
USC Football
UCLA Softball
Serra Football Team
Serra Basketball Team
David Moss, Brescia Basket (Italy)


Jack Leiter, Texas Rangers Org

“I have been using the Coregeous ball and therapy balls as part of my recovery and warm up routines for almost 5 years now and really love how they help me stay healthy and recover better. I would recommend Sarah’s program to any athlete.”

Chris Prothro, Head Coach, Eastern Kentucky University Baseball

“We noticed some unbelievable benefits in terms of recovery and prevention of soft tissue injuries and in our overall general feeling, especially at the end of the season after going through the program for an entire year. I can’t speak highly enough of Sarah, her interactions with our student athletes and how she helped them perform better, feel better and recover better.”

Will Brian, New York Yankees Org

"Sarah’s program has opened my eyes to other important factors of the game. Now the coregeous ball and therapy balls have become part of my daily routine to help me stay flexible, loose, and recovered. Coregeous ball is my personal favorite as it has helped with my core, shoulders, and controlling my breathing. Her program puts you in the best spot to be ready for what’s to come!"


Yoga Certification

Yoga Tune Up® Level 1- Created by Jill Miller, Yoga Tune Up® is a specialized conscious fitness system integrating elements of Yoga, Corrective Exercise, Body Therapy and Self-Massage
The Roll Model® Method- The Science of Rolling, Created by Jill Miller
PYFS- Power Yoga For Sports with Gwen Lawrence.
Maximum Performance Yoga. A dynamic Power Yoga training program.
200 RYT, White Lotus Yoga Foundation with Ganga White and Tracey Rich. Non-dogmatic synthesis of classical and contemporary techniques, Vinyasa Flow.
Street Yoga, Yoga classes that build capacity in youth to overcome trauma and to create meaningful, healthy lives through yoga and mindfulness.
Mini Yogis, Non-traditional Yoga classes for Kids.

Additional Studies

Masters of Education in Teaching, Grades K-8, Seattle Pacific University 
Health Coaching Certificate, Institute of Integrative Nutrition
Bachelors of Arts, Marketing and Management, University of Portland
Culinary Arts Degree, The Culinary Institute of America
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Elite Mobility Training

Sarah Howard
Telephone: 206 200-8163

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